OrganicFull-SpectrumCBD Gummies

Kefla Organics specializes in USDA-Certified organic full-spectrum CBD gummies. These gummies are carefully crafted using plant-based pectin, blue agave nectar, and lightly coated with lucuma fruit powder. They come in Original Strength, containing 25mg of CBD, and Extra Strength, which may contain up to 2mg of THC.

Full-Spectrum CBD Chocolate

Discover Kefla Organics exquisite cannabinoid chocolates, made with Fair Trade and organic chocolate infused with full spectrum CBD derived from premium U.S. grown hemp. Indulge in these delectable treats, each containing 25mg of CBD and below 0.3% THC. Experience the elevated bliss of Kefla Organics CBD-infused chocolates anytime you desire.

Chocolate Covered CBD Gummies

Experience the delightful combination of full-spectrum CBD and fair trade chocolate with our premium CBD gummies. These delectable treats are infused with high-quality CBD, providing a full-spectrum experience. Choose from our standard 25mg CBD gummies or opt for the Extra Strength version, which contains up to 2mg of THC. Indulge in these satisfying CBD-infused gummies and enjoy the benefits they have to offer.

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About Kefla Organics

Since 2017, Kefla Organics has been a leading provider of premium organic full-spectrum CBD confections across the United States. Our exceptional range of CBD products is crafted using USDA-certified organic ingredients and full spectrum hemp, ensuring the highest quality. Discover our delectable CBD chocolates, made with ethically sourced Fair Trade cacao, and indulge in our vegan-friendly full-spectrum gummies, made with plant-based pectin. Rest assured, each batch is meticulously tested in a laboratory to guarantee cannabinoid potency. Located in Louisville, Colorado, Kefla Organics is an independelty owned "mom-and-pop" business. Our production facility, known as the Shop, is NSF-Certified for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). We hope the joy and positivity we bring to making our products gives you a reason to smile today!

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