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Organic Full Spectrum CBD Chocolate - Mint Chocolate$47.95

Kefla's Mint Chocolate is a refreshing combination that marries mint, fair trade dark chocolate, and full spectrum hemp oil in to a delicious cannabinated chocolate. The flavors of mint and dark chocolate offer a delicate balance for the hemp cannabinoids.

Organic Full Spectrum CBD Gummies - Raspberry$19.95

We make our CBD gummies from scratch with organic hemp oil, agave nectar, and organic ingredients. Boasting a CBD to THC ratio of 50:1*, Kefla's organic CBD gummies are the perfect cannabinoid companion for wherever your journey takes you.

Organic Full Spectrum CBD Chocolate - Dark & Salty$47.95

We make our Dark & Salty CBD Chocolates from scratch with organic hemp oil, 72% Fair Trade dark chocolate, coconut sugar, and a dash of sea salt. This classic combination of cannabinoids, dark chocolate, and sea salt is sure to become your new favorite form for adding CBD with THC (below 1mg)* to your daily wellness routine.

It All Starts With Organic

Kefla Organics is a Colorado based manufacturer of full spectrum hemp CBD supplements, organic CBD gummies and organic CBD chocolates. We make our certified organic CBD gummies and CBD chocolates from scratch using the highest quality full spectrum organic hemp CBD oil. Kefla was founded in 2017 with a strict ingredient philosophy based on ethically sourced and organic ingredients. Today, the Kefla team produces a line of full spectrum CBD supplements, cannabinoid chocolates, cannabinoid gummies, and full spectrum hemp oil at our NSF-certified facility. If you are looking for organic CBD gummies and CBD chocolates that taste great, are made with organic ingredients, and deliver the highest quality hemp-derived cannabinoids, try Kefla’s best selling CBD products today! 


We let our reviews speak for themselves.

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4 reviews

Love these chocolates! My wife and I are big fans of the dark and salty, highly recommend crushing them up and sprinkling over a bowl of vanilla ice cream. Thank you, Kefla! Oh and the gummies, definitely try the gummies, so delicious!

Paul M.

Kefla is a good company. Your order comes Fast. Kefla sends samples to try, and also sent a bottle of peppermint CBD as a gift during the holidays. This shows they appreciate their customers

Stephanie E.

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