CBD vs. THC: Understanding the Difference

Kefla employee checking the marijuana plants

If you are thinking about indulging in cannabis-related activities, it’s important to have all the information necessary for a safe and positive experience. Let’s start with the basics – understanding the difference between CBD and THC. Although both come from the same plant, they have very different effects on the mind and body. The Kefla Organics team is a family-owned confectionery in Colorado dedicated to serving delicious organic CBD products nationwide. Here, we discuss what CBD and THC are and the differences between them.

What Is CBD?

CBD, also called cannabidiol, is a compound found in marijuana, hemp, and related plants. CBD can be ingested through edibles, such as:

CBD can also be smoked through vaping utensils, and it can even be rubbed onto the skin using lotions or organic CBD oils. Some CBD products can contain small amounts of THC, while others are completely THC-free. We extract CBD oil from organic hemp, a cannabis sativa plant that has less THC than marijuana. Kefla Organics edibles are made with full-spectrum CBD oil, which means there is a small component of THC in our made-from-scratch confections. Check out our lab results to view a more detailed look at the contents of our products.

What Is THC?

THC is the short name for the more scientific term, tetrahydrocannabinol. It is like CBD in that THC is an ingredient and chemical found in the cannabis sativa plant. It comes from the resin produced by the glands of the plant. This chemical is what creates the euphoric high typically associated with marijuana products.

To produce the high, the THC chemical adheres itself to your cannabinoid receptors in the brain. These receptors are what control time perception, thinking, coordination, memory, and pleasure. Different strains of marijuana can produce different levels of THC. This is dependent on how the plant is grown and is influenced by factors such as temperature and soil quality. Like CBD, THC can be consumed through baked goods, candies, and smoking, and it also can be rubbed onto the body with oils and lotions.

CBD vs. THC?

The main difference between CBD vs. THC is where their ingredients are extracted from in the cannabis sativa plant. For example, CBD comes from the part of the cannabis plant with a lower concentration of THC. Meanwhile, THC is extracted directly from the resin produced by the glands of the plant.

In addition, CBD does not produce the typical high that THC does. CBD allows users to enjoy CBD without the impairing euphoria sensation. CBD is also more widely legal across the United States compared to THC. While CBD is still illegal in some states, most have legalized the use and purchase of CBD products with low THC content. However, THC remains illegal in many states in the U.S.

CBD Products at Kefla Organics

Kefla Organics offers certified organic and safe products to customers nationwide. With a dedication to selling not only tasty but also healthy CBD-infused gummies, chocolates, and oils, customers can rest assured knowing their products come from U.S.-grown organic hemp.

Our family wishes to share our love and joy through our CBD products. Shop all our full-spectrum, CBD-infused products, or contact us today to learn more about CBD vs. THC.