How CBD Chocolate Masks That CBD Taste to Make Something Delicious

Kefla CBD chocolate

When it comes to trying different types of CBD, it can be difficult to cover the pungent taste and scent. For some, the flavor can be off-putting and unpleasant. However, CBD is a great way to enjoy cannabinoid products without the traditional high feeling that THC delivers, so Kefla Organics works its magic to add delicious flavors and ingredients, like chocolate, to create tasty products.

The Kefla Organics team consists of a family-owned, creative confectionery that focuses on delicious flavors using certified organic products. Here, we discuss how our CBD chocolate is made and the different varieties you can enjoy.

Why Does CBD Taste Like That?

CBD oil is extracted from hemp or other cannabis plants. Without additional flavorings such as fruit or chocolate, CBD can give off an earthy, grassy, or leafy taste that some people find undesirable. The flavor of CBD can vary depending on the product’s base ingredients, such as hemp seed or olive seed. Hemp is a cousin plant of marijuana and contains CBD as well as a lower concentration of THC.

Often, to mask the strong scent and flavor of traditional CBD, companies mix it with chocolates, candies, and other products. At Kefla Organics, we make ours from scratch, using fully organic ingredients, and taste-test every batch to make sure our confections taste amazing.

Making CBD Chocolate

When combined with chocolate, CBD can deliver a delicious taste without the earthy flavor. We use high-quality, organic ingredients to make a CBD product that’s tasty and good for the body. At Kefla Organics, we use organic cacao and coconut sugar for added sweetness, ensuring each CBD chocolate product is delicious and nutritious. We then add other natural, organic ingredients, such as sea salt, to kick the flavors up a notch.

During the production process, we take our hemp-based CBD oil and combine it with a rich, organic chocolate mixture. The CBD oil comes straight from U.S.-grown hemp, delivering peace of mind when it comes to knowing our products are USDA organic. The chocolate and CBD mixture is then heated up, taking extra caution to not burn the chocolate and ruin the incredible flavors of our ingredients. Then, the chocolate is poured into molds and cooled to create its appealing, bite-sized shape.

CBD Chocolate and Other Products

With so many choices out there, it can be difficult to decide which CBD-infused products are right for you. To make the decision easier, ours are made from scratch, certified organic, to USDA-organic standards. This ensures that your products are safe and legal to enjoy. In addition, organic products can give you peace of mind knowing your CBD products have no additives or unhealthy ingredients.

Kefla Organics offers full-spectrum CBD products. This means our products contain both CBD and a small amount of THC. Our organic CBD chocolate and chocolate-covered CBD gummy products include:

  • Chocolate-covered CBD gummies – Cherry flavor
  • Chocolate-covered CBD gummies – Raspberry flavor
  • Full-spectrum CBD chocolate – Mint flavor
  • Full-spectrum CBD chocolate – Dark & Salty flavor
  • Full-spectrum CBD chocolate – Dark
  • Full-spectrum CBD chocolate – Golden Turmeric flavor
  • Full-spectrum CBD chocolate – Caffé Mocha flavor

Enjoy CBD Products From Kefla Organics

With a dedication to providing delicious organic CBD products nationwide, Kefla Organics provides transparency and honesty about our ingredients and process. This is what makes us a reliable source of CBD chocolate, gummies, and other products for people nationwide.

At Kefla Organics, our family hopes to share some of our love and joy through our CBD products. Shop all our full-spectrum, CBD-infused products, or contact us today to learn more about our CBD confections and oils.