What Are Terpenes?

Pine cones, citrus fruits, and cannabis leaves containing aromatic terpenes

If you enjoy CBD gummies, chocolates, or other confections, you’ve likely heard about or seen references to terpenes. These aromatic compounds are key to many of the scents we enjoy, including orange peels and pine trees. Terpene compounds are found throughout the plant and animal kingdoms, and they serve a multitude of purposes. They also are a component found in full-spectrum hemp oil extract, which is an ingredient used by Kefla Organics to create delicious CBD products at our confectionery in Louisville, Colorado, for shipping nationwide.

Understanding Terpenes

Terpenes are naturally occurring chemical compounds. They impart distinctive traits, including smell, color, and flavor. Terpenes are credited with protective qualities, such as warding off insect pests or hungry mammals. They are a key ingredient of essential plant oils and are used in aromatherapy.

There is increasing interest in the terpenes found in cannabis, the products derived from the herbaceous plant known as both hemp and marijuana. Several terpenes have been identified in cannabis, and they impart unique aromas and tastes among different strains of the plant.

Where Are Terpenes Found?

These aromatic compounds are also found in other aromatic herbs, including rosemary, sage, lavender, black pepper, and hops. They create the distinctive scent of citrus peel, and they help us smell the coffee! Some of the better-known terpenes are identified by name, including:

  • Limonene (found in citrus fruits)
  • Ocimene (found in mints, parsley, basil, and more)
  • Pinene (found in pines)
  • Terpinolene (found in sage, lilac, rosemary, and more)
  • Linalool (found in lavender)
  • Myrcene (found in hops, lemongrass, and cannabis)
  • Geraniol (found in geraniums)
  • Beta-caryophyllene (found in black pepper, cloves, and cannabis)
  • Nerolidol (found in ginger, jasmine, and more)
  • Humulene (found in hops, ginseng, and cannabis)

There are over 400 known terpenes found in cannabis. Terpenes are also found in the full-spectrum hemp oil extracted from the plant used by Kefla Organics. We use this CBD oil as an ingredient for our sweet confections, including organic CBD gummies and organic CBD chocolates.

How Does Kefla Organics Use Terpenes?

Every ingredient used in our confections impacts its taste, smell, and enjoyment. That’s why we use only certified organic and fair-trade sourced ingredients when possible. The terpenes in our high-quality, full-spectrum hemp oil extract contribute to the delicious taste and fragrance of each product we make. Our flavors include cherry, raspberry, turmeric, lemon, coffee, and chocolate.

How Are Kefla Organics Products Made?

The Kefla Organics team produces confections in small batches. We test each batch for taste and examine the lab results to assure the quality and potency of all ingredients. Our products are certified organic, which means all ingredients meet USDA’s organic standards. Because we create only plant-based candies and sweets, all our products are non-dairy and vegan-friendly. Another aspect that our customers love about Kefla Organics is that we make each batch with positive energy and joy.

Enjoy Full-Spectrum CBD Products With Kefla Organics

When it comes to full-spectrum CBD gummies and chocolates, choose sweets with the best possible ingredients from Kefla Organics. Our family-run company was started in 2017 to create delicious, small-batch confections that please our customers with both taste and aroma. You can purchase CBD gummies, CBD chocolates, and even chocolate-covered CBD gummies with confidence. We use full-spectrum hemp oil extracts that preserve the complex properties of this wonderful plant.

We care about providing our customers with the best possible ingredients, including full-spectrum CBD hemp oil extract. Our family hopes to share some of our love and joy with you through our products. Shop all our full-spectrum CBD-infused products today!