Our Story, Our Promise

Kefla Organics (originally Rise Relief) was created in the San Francisco Bay Area by two friends who wanted to infuse the world with their love for organic cannabinoids. Kefla is a fusion of words that connects the origins of our founders, Brian and Yohannes, with East African patois. At Kefla, we believe the secret to our success is using ingredients that have no secrets. Our full line of hemp-infused products are organic and our cacao and chocolate products are Fair Trade certified. Today, we proudly produce all of our organic, full spectrum hemp products at our sunny facility in Louisville, CO.

It All Starts with Organic

Since day one, before organic certification was even possible for products containing hemp extract, we have been committed to sustainable, organic practices at our company. With a no-compromise ingredient philosophy, we developed a supply chain that enabled us to offer products with clean, organic ingredients.  Upon the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill when hemp was federally legalized, the opportunity for recognition from the National Organic Program (NOP) availed itself to hemp. At the end of 2019, we rebranded from Rise Relief to Kefla, and now Kefla Organics.

Greater Good

While contributing to sustainable agriculture by exclusively using organic ingredients is at the core of Kefla Organics, we felt we could do more. In late 2018, we transitioned to exclusively using Fair Trade Certified cacao and became a Fair Trade USA certified partner at the beginning of 2019. We believe in the importance of sourcing fair trade ingredients, whenever possible, because it allows those most vulnerable in the supply chain (farmers) to capture the full social, environmental, and economic costs of their production. Currently, we purchase fair trade certified cacao that is organically grown by farmers in Peru and the Dominican Republic and use Fair Trade Certified coffee from Guatemala. To further our commitment to quality, we obtained a third-party certification for cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) of dietary supplements from NSF International.