Full-Spectrum CBD Chocolate by Kefla Organics

Since 2017, we’ve been making our hemp-infused CBD chocolate from scratch with Fair Trade certified cacao and organic, full-spectrum CBD oil. Each handcrafted CBD chocolate contains 25mg of CBD derived from hemp extract with a small amount of naturally occurring THC.

Kefla’s bite sized chocolates contain minimal ingredients for a full-spectrum experience. Our cannabinoid chocolates are USDA-certified organic and Fair Trade USA certified for cacao. Experience bliss in every bite with Kefla Organics full-spectrum CBD chocolate.

Full-Spectrum Hemp Meets Fair Trade Chocolate

Kefla Organics was founded on the belief that sustainable practices should go beyond the use of organic ingredients. We use Fair Trade and certified-organic cacao in all of our full-spectrum cannabinoid chocolate bars.

Chosen for it’s unique and exceptional flavor, Kefla sources cacao grown on sustainable farms in Peruvian. Beyond the delicious taste from high quality cacao, there is a mission in these communities to generate lasting social, economic, and environmental benefits for the cocoa growers.

Enjoy Life, Enjoy Kefla!

How much CBD and THC are in Cannabinoid Chocolates?

We produce our CBD chocolates from scratch at our NSF-certified production facility using the highest quality organic full spectrum hemp oil.

Kefla’s Fair Trade chocolates are made with a carefully selected CBD oil with a approximately a 50:1 CBD to THC ratio. For each 25mg CBD chocolate, there is typically 0.5mg of naturally occurring THC.

There can be natural variances in the CBD:THC profile of each production batch so be sure to visit the lab results page to see what the cannabinoid profile is for your batch.

About Full-Spectrum CBD Chocolate

CBD enthusiasts with a sweet tooth have the best of both worlds with full-spectrum CBD chocolates offered by Kefla Organics. Satisfy your taste buds and experience CBD at the same time with our delicious chocolaty flavors.

Our collection of delightful, chocolaty flavors ensures there’s something to suit everyone’s palette. Choose Dark Chocolate for the classic taste, Dark & Salty for the perfect balance of flavor, or Mint Chocolate to refresh your taste buds.

For the conscious consumer, we use fair trade chocolate and organic cacao for every batch. What’s more, our CBD chocolates are sweetened with coconut sugar, allowing customers to enjoy them without guilt! Each batch is infused with organic, full-spectrum CBD oil from hemp grown in the United States. Our chocolates combine delicious, natural flavor with the benefits of CBD and related cannabinoids.

Like all of our CBD-infused products, our organic CBD chocolates are manufactured in-house by our master confectioners at our state-of-the-art facility in Louisville, Colorado and can be shipped nationwide to most states.

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